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OUR MISSION is to train and release global citizens who are passionate in life and learning.

AEA’s team of educators are committed to offering the best advancment opportunities available to our students. We educate young people to live well-rounded successful, principle-centered lives. We are a school where students from all nations learn, grow, discover and respect eachother as they esteem the uniqueness and cultural differences around them. Our vibrant life-giving atmosphere surrounded by an attitude of academic excellence creates a wonderful place for children to advance…

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American English Academy (AEA) is an internationally accredited school that has fostered superior education in Bulgaria since 1992. AEA offers an exciting and motivating academic program that is taught fully in English and uses a blended international curriculum. Classes are open for enrollment for Pre-school (3-years-old) to 12th grade. AEA has educated over 2,000 students from nearly 100 nations, with an outstanding 99% of AEA graduates pursuing higher education and earning their University degrees. AEA’s school facility boasts the most progressive and innovative design that promotes an environment that is both inviting and conducive to a variety of learning styles.



  • President

    Ruth Munsey

    There’s hardly a place on the earth where Ruth Munsey’s students, music, songs and influence has not been felt in some way.




  • Public Affairs Director 

    Joseph McConley
    Public Affairs Director

    While visiting Bulgaria, I was impressed with the commitment to the academic integrity of AEA. This is the foundation of Frank Munsey’s vision.




  • Architect

    Craig McConley
    AEA Architect

    I am honored to be entrusted with fulfilling the dream and securing the legacy of American English Academy.



  • Executive Director

    Tausha Prince
    Executive Director

    I love the cultural diversity that floods the hallways and classrooms of our school!I feel inspired as I look into the eyes of our students and see a passion for life and learning.


  • Financial Chief

    Miroslav Dimitrov
    Chief Financial Officer

    It has been my pleasure and lifelong committment to be involved in the American English Academy for over 20 years. The schools progressive vision has given me great purpose and direction in my life. As AEA moves into a new dimension I see the possiblites within the future generations and importance of quality education.
  • Director of Education

    Jesse T. Haines
    Director of Education

    Through best practices in international education and our accreditation partners, the Academy’s academic program offers the very best for AEA students. I can personally attest to our program here at AEA and how it is differentiated throughout the region in that all students receive the catered education that they most deserve toward achieving their future endeavors. I am gracious to the founders of the Academy in establishing a learning atmosphere that promotes a high level of unity, respect and integrity among staff and students.

  • Elementary director

    Tatyana Tsocheva
    Elementary Director

    I’ve been teaching at AEA for nearly ten years, and I passionately love my job. From day one, I felt like my role at AEA was more like a destiny than a job. I’ve enjoyed the journey and continue to grow each day. It is deeply satisfying to see our children learning and growing into intelligent, confident, energetic young people who are comfortable with who they are, so they can go out and make their world a better place. The level of trust, teamwork, professionalism, purpose, and unity that is found at AEA is something I cherish each day.

  • HighShool Director

    Tsveta Kamenopolska
    High School Director

    I’ve been working at AEA for thirteen years. I fell in love with the school the first day I walked through the doors. I witnessed Founder Frank Munsey saying “Good Bye” to the kids at the end of the day, and was so attracted to his warmth toward the students. At that moment, my greatest desire was to be part of the organization he was leading. My favorite part about my job is to work with different types of people.

  • Arts Director

    Milko Tzonov
    Creative Arts Director

    I came to work for American English Academy in 1999 as an Art and Music teacher.  I have been honored to be a part of the remarkable vision of founders Frank and Ruth Munsey for an educational institution that will provide safe and exciting atmosphere for its students. I joined the team with a passion to introduce young people to the vast world of music and performing arts. I love teaching, and I consider it a great privilege to work in this unique multicultural environment.

  • Accountant

    Maya Ivanova
    Accountant & International Affairs Director

    In 2000 I started working at AEA as an accountant. I have enjoyed the last 12 years as I get to use my abilities and knowledge in making others’ lives easier, better, and happier.

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